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Individual Counselling for Sex Addiction

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Individual sex addiction counselling is a preferred option for people who are living separated or alone, and for sexual addicts and their partners and spouses, who might feel more comfortable when talking to our experienced professional sex addiction therapist in private. Opening up about very private, sensitive and confronting issues, can be too challenging in the partner's presence. Some couples and individuals achieve recovery faster with individual counselling. Most couples achieve best recovery results by alternating individual therapy with relationship counselling.

Our individual sex addiction counselling sessions are strictly confidential, and in accordance with the Australian law. Your counsellor cannot disclose session details to a third party without your explicit permission. Please refer to our designated Legal page for further information.

Individual and confidential counselling sessions allow counsellor and client to work deep into the problematic origins, that have motivated the development of sexual addictions and compulsive behaviours. This is a critical step in determining a sustainable and successful personal sex addiction treatment and recovery plan.

Individual sex addiction counselling is a one-on-one interactive dynamic, and non-judgemental process. Sex addiction is a fully treatable disorder, and requires the client's full commitment to recovery, be it face-to face in person or via online or phone sessions.


  • Understanding your sexual and relational history
  • Providing you with a professional assessment
  • Developing a personal short-term and long-term sex addiction recovery and relapse prevention plan
  • Strengthening your inner values and establishing boundaries
  • Understanding and managing your emotions
  • Identifying your triggers
  • Managing your cravings
  • Stress management
  • 'Your Brain on Sex and Porn Addiction', education
  • Developing self care and integrity (not selfishness)
  • Sex therapy
  • Intimacy and healthy sexuality development
  • Communication, conflict-resolution and relationship skills
  • Completing homework tasks
  • Giving critical feedback to sessions
  • Ongoing counsellor's support


Your progress will be carefully monitored by Sex Addiction Australia's specialist counsellor Heide, who will guide you through your recovery and relapse prevention process step by step.


Full recovery from sexual addiction is possible with our professional counselling program if you are fully committed to change. Many of Sex Addiction Australia's clients, men and women, can give testimony to their recovery success. All would agree that working through their personal challenges and sexual compulsions was difficult and hard at times, but it was worthwhile!


Please contact our office for further information, or book a confidential appointment with Heide. Call (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email




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