Signs of Sex Addiction

Therapy Mission Statement 

Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) is dedicated to providing professional counselling therapy to persons who have addicted to sex, and to their partners and families. Through our counselling therapy, Sex Addiction Australia contributes to harm minimisation of spreading sexually transmitted infections, to the prevention of suicide, to the prevention of sex crime, to the prevention of marriage, relationship, and family break downs, to restoring good mental health, and to improving community wellness.

Individuals with sexual dependency issues have lost their free choice over their sexual expressions, and therefore cannot demonstrate sexual responsibility. Sex Addiction Australia's professional rehabilitation therapy contributes to the prevention and termination of sexual addiction and sexual compulsive behaviours, and to restoring sexual responsibility and health.


  • We are committed to continuously updating our standard of knowledge with keeping abreast with research and ongoing professional education.
  • Sex therapist Heide McConkey adheres to the standards of her industry and treating all clients with equal respect, disregarding of gender, diversity, sexual orientation, sexual life-styles, personal backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity.
  • Heide is an advocate for sexual and gender rights equality, she promotes the rights to freely unfolding responsible expressions of one's unique sexual potential.

Heide McConkey, M.A.I.P.C, M.A.C.A, PCA, ASSERT NSW

Dip.Sexual Health Counselling, Dip.Professional Counselling

Director Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia

Director Affirmotive Sex And Relationship Therapy

Director Affirmotive Professional Counselling and Consulting