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Prostitution Addiction Disorder

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Addiction to prostitution is not gender specific, although it is a predominant male problem. Women too are reported to use the services of sex workers.

Addiction to prostitution can be assumed when when a person preoccupies with, and acts out, such behaviour compulsively.

Prostitution addiction disorder can be seen as an attachment disorder, involving compulsive repetitions of living out one's sexual fantasies or immature needs for unconditional love, in a supportive and permission giving environment with sex workers.

Prostitution addiction disorder is a sexual compulsive behaviour that exclusively focuses one's own erotic pleasure, with little attachment to reality or intimacy.

Addicts to prostitution may also be addicted to pornography and masturbation, phone sex, Internet chat rooms and dating sites, or erotic massages. This group of sex addicts has escalated their behaviours to living out their sexual fantasies with real-life sex workers.

As a part of the disorder, prostitution addicts frequently report extreme sexual cravings when thinking about, and preoccupying with, planning for, or consuming their sex appointments, followed by negative mood swings and regrets after acting out.


  • Addicts to prostitution are at risk of social embarrassment, and losing relationship, family, work, and status. 
  • Financial spending on sex services can be substantial. Some sex addicts suffer consequences of financial hardship.
  • Brothel goers and sex workers are at increased risk of infection and spreading  sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In some states and countries, where prostitution is illegal, sex addicts risk police arrest and legal prosecution.
  • Acting out sex or employing underage sex workers risks legal prosecution in all states and countries.


Prostitution addiction is a fully treatable disorder, and recovery is possible with our professional sex addiction treatment plan. Sex Addiction Australia offers confidential counselling to sex addicts and their spouses, who are suffering devastating impacts of betrayal from prostitution addiction. For further information or booking a confidential appointment please call Heide (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email


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