Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) was established to accurately inform Australians on the nature of hypersexual disorder and sexual addiction, including pornography addiction and love addiction, sexuality, gender, and sexual health issues, and to providing appropriate treatment and support to sex addicts, their partners and families who are impacted by the emotional and psychological consequences of sexual addictions.

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Sex addiction can happen to anyone indiscriminately of socioeconomic background, social or marital status, education, age, gender, culture or religion. Sex addiction is a fully treatable disorder. Find out for yourself if you may be addicted to sex, pornography, or love. Select from our free and anonymous tests below and get your answer right away, or scroll right down to our Professional Counselling, Therapy and Treatment section

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We specialise in Professional Counselling, Treatment and Sex Therapy for Hypersexual Disorders, Sexual Addictions, Sexual Compulsions, Pornography Addiction, Love Addiction, Sexual Betrayal Trauma and Spouse Support Counselling, Sexual Health and Sexual Orientation Counselling, Individual, Relationship and Marriage Therapy, and Same Sex Counselling 

About Heide McConkey


  • Dip. Professional Counselling AIPC #FS3364A
  • Dip. Sexual Health Counselling, ASSERT, ACSHP
  • Clinical Sex Therapist, ASSERT NSW
  • Supervisor, College Of Supervisors ACA #COS2409
  • Founder and Director of Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) and Affirmotive Sex And Relationship Therapy ABN 46 997 766 505

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