Appointments & Fees


  • Our sex addiction counsellor specialist offers Face-to-Face and Online Appointments in our Sydney NSW based Private Practice Rooms. Our highly effective and interactive online counselling and sex therapy is available to our esteemed clients statewide, interstate and internationally.
  • Online locations include all Australian cities, and rural & remote Australia alike, New Zealand, and other English speaking & Asian countries.
  • All appointments are provided in a professional, non-judgemental, and strictly confidential manner by qualified experienced Australian Sex Therapist and Professional Counsellor as exclusively private one-on-one and couples sessions.


  • Day Time Appointments are offered Face to Face and Online, Mondays to Fridays at 10:30am, 12pm, 2:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  • After Hours Appointments are offered Online only, Mondays to Fridays at 4pm, 6pm and 7:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. These appointments are available exclusively for Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime/Telephone clients.

PLEASE NOTE – Our valued Interstate and International clients, please observe time zones when booking your appointment with us.


Due to ongoing Corona Virus infections we exclusively offer Zoom, Skype, Face Time or Phone counselling for all day and after hours appointments until further notice to ensure best health and safety.

Face to face appointments are currently not available*.

Seek sex addiction help today!

DISCLAIMER – ASAA does NOT offer counselling for sex offences. Please visit our designated page LEGAL AND CONSENT INFORMATION


  • Our fee for a 60 minute session of professional counselling & sex therapy is $AUD 230.00
  • You may choose to book additional time and pay prorate.
  • No extra charge for couples.

All card processing fees and GST included.


We offer a 4x60minutes prepaid package at a reduced rate of $AUD880.00, saving AUD40.00 in total.

This package is offered exclusively to clients seeking longer term counselling. The package is valued for 12 calendar month and is NON REFUNDABLE.

All card processing fees and GST included.


It is essential to pre-book your appointments. Sessions may be available same week. Our consultations are strictly confidential. Please check our LEGAL page for details.


Your fees are payable via credit card at the beginning or end of your session and will be processed via Commonwealth Bank merchant terminal. Please have a valid credit card ready.


You are requested to give a 24hr cancellation notice in the event of having to change or cancel your appointment times, to ensure Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) can provide best services to all clients. Otherwise, full fees will be charged. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, however Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia cannot accept responsibility for such circumstances.


If you request a written report for legal proceedings you are required to pay a

  • Minimum charge per report document $AUD 1500.00

All card processing fees and GST included.


MEDIBANK PRIVATE – Clients who are insured with Medibank Private Health Fund may claim on the item Professional Counselling. Provider Number for Medibank Private 125 107 2A.

ARHG PROVIDER – POLICE HEALTH FUND – Clients who are insured with the Police Health Fund may claim on the item Professional Counselling. Provider Number for the Police Health Fund AC02409T.

ARHG PROVIDER – TEACHERS UNION HEALTH – Clients who are insured with Teachers Union Health may claim on the item Professional Counselling. Provider Number for the Teachers Union Health AC02409T.

(Please check your claim eligibility with your insurance provider.)

Please note – Our Private Professional Counselling and Sex Therapy Services are NOT claimable through Medicare or Mental Health Care Plans. We can accept the above identified private health funds only.


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