Affair and Multiple Partner Addiction: Can Addicts Achieve Monogamy?

Affair and Multiple Partner Addiction: Can Addicts Achieve Monogamy?

One of the prominent symptoms of sex addiction is affairs and sex with multiple partners, but this behavior can also be an addiction all of its own.

People with affair and multiple partner addiction are not actually addicted to the sex itself, but rather the gratification they get from being able to groom their partners into having sex with them. They get a lot more out of these encounters than most people because it represents for them acceptance, attractiveness, value and a sense of achievement that they are worthy.

Addicts of this nature go through stages where they are essentially on ‘the hunt’ or ‘the chase’ for a new partner or partners and during this period, they experience a similar ‘high’ as what a drug addicts feel when scoring their next hit. The issue is that they are never truly fulfilled and so the unhealthy cycle continues.

Affair and multiple partner addiction almost always includes infidelity and addicts often struggle to maintain healthy relationships due to their constant need to act out with impulsive behaviors. They may invest considerable amount of time, money and energy in their pursuits which also means concealing their behavior from a spouse or partner can be quite difficult.

If you or your partner is suffering from affair or multiple partner addiction, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for monogamy. It simply means that you, your partner or both of you together will have some hard work to do in order to achieve a healthy, monogamous relationship.

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