Are Your Relationships in Constant Turmoil? You Could Be a Love Addict

Are Your Relationships in Constant Turmoil? You Could Be a Love Addict

Love addicts often live in a world full of emotional despair, neediness and a deep fear of abandonment and rejection. They can be obsessive and require constant reassurance in relationships. Self-doubt and anxiety can often override any positive aspects of a committed relationship.

One might assume that a love addict who is in a serious relationship would be happy and content. On the contrary, the opposite is usually the case. A love addict essentially has more to lose when they are in a relationship so their obsessive thoughts often send their relationships into turmoil.

It is hard for love addicts to maintain healthy boundaries as they become paranoid of infidelity and scared of their partner leaving them. In turn, this manifests into a constant need for validation from their partner and irrational behaviour that puts strain on what otherwise might have been a perfectly good partnership.

Rather than making solid foundations for their relationships, their behaviour will usually push their partner away. This can turn into a very self-destructive cycle for love addicts.

Love addicts are strongly attached to the process of ‘falling in love’. They may even base their fundamental life decisions around finding ‘the one’. Their view of what that means is a romanticised version of reality and one that is not sustainable.

Once the honeymoon period of the relationship wears off, the needy and obsessive symptoms of love addiction take hold. This includes not only paranoid thoughts but also doing things such as sacrificing their own needs, wants and beliefs to ensure their partner won’t leave and using sex as a bargaining tool. These traits have the opposite effect on the relationship than desired and commonly cause the relationship to break down.

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