Concerned you May Need Pornography Addiction Therapy? Ask Yourself These Questions

Concerned you May Need Pornography Addiction Therapy? Ask Yourself These Questions

Viewing pornography is a behavior that can start out as a fun, sexual curiosity but in some people, can turn into a harmful sexual addiction that can have many negative consequences for the addict and for those around them.

While women are not immune to porn addiction, men are three times more likely to become addicted due to the predominantly visually orientated sexual arousal system of the male brain. Male or female, if you are concerned you may need pornography addiction therapy, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

Does viewing pornography take priority over other more important things in my life?

When watching porn becomes a higher priority than things in your life such as work, social events, family events, taking care of your personal hygiene and your regular life duties, this is a sign you may be suffering from pornography addiction.

Do I view porn regardless of my better judgments and beyond my own self-control?

If you are partaking in behaviors seemingly beyond your own control, these are known as compulsions and compulsive behavior is a symptom of addiction. Sexual addiction therapy can help you control these compulsions and get your life back on track.

Do I feel shame after indulging in pornography?

Feelings of shame and guilt often coincide with addictions and porn addiction is no different. If you feel yourself experiencing feelings of regret and shame, this is a sign that you may need help with your porn addiction.

Are my relationships suffering?

People with pornography and other sexual addictions usually find themselves struggling with intimacy, desire and affection in their relationships. If your relationships are deteriorating because of your porn habits, it’s a good idea to seek help from a professional.

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