Do Sex Addicts Experience Genuine Love?

Do Sex Addicts Experience Genuine Love?

There seems to be a generalisation about sex addicts, that they are cold hearted, emotionless robots who only care about getting their next sexual gratification and that they’re completely incapable of experiencing genuine emotions.

In reality, the truth is startlingly different. Sex addicts commonly report feeling a wide range of complex emotions, the issue is that they find it more difficult than others to express and regulate these emotions.

Love is a multifaceted feeling, usually containing a combination of longing, preoccupation, attraction, affinity, appreciation, validation, comfort, commitment, and security. The compounding effect of these emotions is overwhelming for anyone, let alone someone struggling with sex addiction. The issue with sex addicts is that generally speaking, they are what you might call ‘emotionally unavailable’.

They mask any deep emotions by acting out with unhealthy sexual behaviors such as promiscuity, porn addiction, prostitute sex, binge sex and compulsive masturbation, just to name a few. This is how sex addicts numb their emotions and create temporary ‘band aid’ fixes for their emotional issues.

Falling in love can even drive a sex addict further into their addiction as they search for ways to cope with the intense and all-consuming mental and emotional effects that come with falling in love.

So, it’s not to say that sex addicts do not experience genuine love, it’s just that they process this level of intimacy in a completely different way than most. The result is that they often push partners and loved ones away, close off their emotions and leave behind a trail of unfulfilling, short-term relationships.

The good new is, there are many help options available for those struggling with sex addiction. Sex addicts are encouraged to contact the expert sex therapists at Sex Addiction Australia and get the help they need.

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