Four Common Reasons Why Sex Addicts Relapse

Four Common Reasons Why Sex Addicts Relapse

  1. Failure to Disclose

You’ve heard it before: “the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem”. It’s important for sex addicts to- not just admit to themselves and their loved ones that they have a problem, but also to disclose to their therapist and/or partner things they may have done that feel shame or guilt about, in order to move forward. Complete disclosure is imperative for recovery and for the healing of broken down relationships.

2. Accepting Help for The Wrong Reasons

It’s not uncommon for sex addicts to accept help, simply to satisfy the wishes of their partner or family, rather than because they genuinely want to change their behavior themselves. When anyone seeks help for the wrong reasons, they will never be 100% committed to changing. This is why it’s so important for spouses not to pressure their partner into going to therapy, but rather to gently guide them in that direction with love and understanding.

3. Perceiving it as a ‘Relationship Problem’

It’s not uncommon for addicts to see their issues as ‘relationship problems’ rather than what they really are; deep seeded emotional turmoil, resulting in sex addiction.  It’s an easy mistake to make since a lot of the negative aspects of sex addiction manifest in relationship breakdowns, but getting the right treatment is extremely important for sex addiction.

4. Ignoring Deeper Issues.

It goes without saying, rehashing over traumatic past events is difficult but often necessary for addicts to recover from their sex addiction. Since sex is used as a coping mechanism, addicts need to learn how to deal with uncomfortable feelings in more healthy ways.

If you or your partner/spouse is suffering from sex addiction, treatment from a qualified sex therapist is the best way towards recovery.

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