How Addictive Pornography Behaviors Can Affect a Spouse

How Addictive Pornography Behaviors Can Affect a Spouse

Addiction to pornography can have many destructive elements, both for the addict themselves and their spouse and family.


It’s common for the spouse or partner of a porn addict to feel severe levels of betrayal and to question why the addict isn’t coming to them for sexual intimacy, but rather choosing porn. This can be confusing, hurtful and can leave a partner feeling cheated on. Porn addicts, in the throes of their addiction commonly lie to their partners in order to get away with their behaviours and this can also result in feelings of deep betrayal.

A Non-Present Partner

Partners of porn addicts may experience a sense of the addict not being fully present, mentally and emotionally, as the addict is distracted with thoughts of their addiction. A partner or spouse may also notice a lack of physical presence too, as the addict is out of the home or hiding in another room getting their ‘fix’.

Poor Family Dynamics

As is the case with most addictions, the behaviour of an addict can take a toll on family dynamics. Communication breakdowns, deception and the lack of physical and emotional presence often results in the spouse or partner needing to take on more household duties and become more present with their children to make up for what is lacking from the addict.

Financial Burdens

Porn addiction often results in significant financial burdens for the addict and their family. Even with all the free porn available online, porn addicts may find themselves throwing money they don’t have towards porn movies and expensive webcam streaming sights. Their employment situation may also be affected by their addiction.

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