How Frequent Use of Internet Sex Can Cause Rapid Development of Sex Addiction

How Frequent Use of Internet Sex Can Cause Rapid Development of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction doesn’t just manifest itself in physical activities, it can also be perpetuated by our constant use of, and obsession with the internet.

When many people think of sex addiction in relation to the internet, they of course think of internet pornography. But there is another side to the internet that can cause rapid development of sex addiction: internet sex.

Internet sex, otherwise known as ‘cybersex’ is a way of interacting sexually with another person by means of the internet. Either via chat rooms, social media, email, instant messenger or even web forums. While the internet can be a normal, healthy way for young people to explore themselves and their own sexuality, it can also be a powerful catalyst for sex addiction.

Internet sex can spiral out of hand, more rapidly than many other sexual behaviors because of what’s known as the ‘triple A engine’.  The factors that make up its nickname are affordability, accessibility and anonymity which in relation to internet sex, could not be more true. There are literally thousands of outlets available on the internet for users to chat with other, likeminded people uncandidly, in an anonymous fashion and without having to pay a cent. The combination of these factors coupled with the lack of initial negative consequences with internet sex, can cause users to quickly become addicted to this behavior, resulting in sex addiction.

The internet provides the perfect place for people to express themselves sexual without having to show their face. People with internet sex addiction also use avatars to create a ‘persona’ or even act out role play scenarios with other users.

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