How Masturbation Addiction Disorder Can Impact Relationships

How Masturbation Addiction Disorder Can Impact Relationships

Masturbation is a normal, natural behavior that almost all of us will indulge in at some point in our lives. For some, masturbation is daily habit, for others it may be weekly or monthly and of course, masturbation is a great way to begin play with a romantic partner in the bedroom.

For some however, masturbation can become more than just a habit. It can escalate from a normal, healthy part of one’s life, to a damaging sexual addiction.

Masturbation addiction disorder is a compulsive state of frequent or prolonged masturbation, and may or may not be triggered by masturbation aids such as pornography, erotica, telephone sex, or internet sex chat-room use. A masturbation addict will often have a drastic shift in their mood before and after masturbation, usually dealing with feelings of deep regret and shame for some time after the act.

Masturbation addiction disorder has a very high likely hood of damaging relationships. The addict will often hide away to feed their masturbation addiction. This can include things like masturbating in the toilet, at work, in their car or other places where it is unnatural to masturbate. The constant need to hide their addiction can have negative effects on intimate, personal and professional relationships and the addict may find their social life suffering as they would rather stay at home to masturbate than go out and socialize. The partner of a masturbation addict may notice a lack of sex drive or intimacy in the relationship and this decline of intimacy will often drive a wedge in the relationship.

The good news is, masturbation addiction disorder is completely treatable. If you think you may be suffering from masturbation addiction disorder, get the help you need and get your life back on track with our renowned Sex Therapist today.