Pornography Addiction and Pornography Counselling: Get the Facts

Pornography Addiction and Pornography Counselling: Get the Facts

With the overwhelming presence of both soft and hardcore pornography available online, porn addiction has drastically increased in recent years. A study done in the US estimates that 56% of men and 41% of women are consuming pornography on a monthly basis and around 8%-10% of the adult population is estimated to be addicted to compulsive sex and pornography.

Porn addicts gradually develop a dependency on the quick and intense rewards they get from viewing porn and become addicted to the ‘high’ or the ‘mental reward’. Over time they become desensitized so feel compelled to watch not only more porn, but more hardcore and extreme material.

When addicts attempt to get their addiction under control, they may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, compulsive sexual thoughts, anxiety, mood swings, anger, interrupted sleep patterns as well as guilt and shame when they give into their compulsions to view porn or masturbate.

Pornography addiction is harder to overcome than many people think and this is because porn and sex addicts are believed to have undergone significant changes in their brain. The stigma surrounding sexual addictions means that many sufferers fail to seek professional help, oftentimes unaware that there are many treatment options available with promising results. Sexual addictions are not dissimilar to drug addictions, they work on the same brain reward circuits, but require specialized treatment.

The good news is there are counselling services available to help those suffering to break the addiction and take back control of their lives. At Sex Addiction Australia, we can work with you to put an end to the self-destructive addiction cycle, help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms and can even assist your spouse or partner to help mend your relationship.

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