Reviewing the Stigma Surrounding Sex Addictions

Reviewing the Stigma Surrounding Sex Addictions

One of the biggest struggles sex addicts face is coping with the stigma surrounding sex addictions and sexual disorders. It’s essentially the fear of being judged, particularly for those who are in the public eye, with a high profile or those whose professions put them a position of authority. Imagine a police officer, a judge or even a teacher coming forward about their addictions. Imagine the judgement and ridicule they would face from their peers.

Oftentimes their sex addiction is ‘exposed’ before they have the chance to seek help on their own accord, because even when the addiction is at its most destructive, coming forward at the risk of losing their jobs and potentially their social circle, is simply too difficult.

Social attitudes towards sex addictions still have a very long way to go in understanding that these conditions are not about sleaziness, promiscuity or lack of self-control, but rather a disorder of the brain that requires real treatment from a qualified therapist.

Sex addicts don’t necessarily become sex offenders either; another common misconception about sex addictions.

As you can see, there are multiple stigmas surrounding these kinds of issues so it’s easy to understand why most people suffer in silence rather than seeking help and getting their life back on track. But its important for addicts to understand that there is help out there and that they can receive treatment in a completely discreet manner. We understand that not everyone is ready to tell the world about their most personal problems so if you’re an addict and want to come to treatment with a spouse or just by yourself, that’s fine with us.

At Sex Addiction Australia, we approach treatment from a professional and non-judgmental angle. Our qualified sex therapists have the tools and knowledge to help you overcome your sex addiction. Contact us today for more information.