The Importance of Couples Counselling When Sex Addiction Has Caused Grievances

The Importance of Couples Counselling When Sex Addiction Has Caused Grievances

For couples experiencing ongoing turmoil in their relationship due to sex addiction, there are specialised counselling services that are tailored specifically to help with these issues.

Sex addiction can cause havoc in relationships and usually affects the spouse or partner just as much as it affects the addict themselves. It’s not uncommon for relationships effected by sex addiction to be full of arguments, bitterness and mistrust and this can quickly deteriorate what once was a deep and loving connection.

One of the most common issues that couples face in these types of relationships, is trust. Often trust is broken by the sex addict, either through infidelity, porn addiction or masturbation addiction which can leave their partner feeling alone and betrayed. A common cycle we see in these relationships is of the addict breaking their partners trust, trying to regain it back again and their partner unable to accept the trust.

From this comes constant accusations and arguments, leaving a gaping hole in the partnership that can be difficult to repair without the help of a specialist sex addiction therapist.

If this is occurring in your relationships, you shouldn’t go it alone. Taking the step to attend couples counselling for sex addiction and couple recovery is really one of the best decisions you can make for your relationship. Any type of couples counselling is going to be great for your relationship, but when you enlist the help of a therapist who specialises in these sorts of issues, you will see much better results, much faster.

Don’t let anger and bitterness eat away any longer at what was once a happy and fulfilling relationship. Contact Sex Addiction Australia in Sydney online today, and begin your road to recovery – together!