The Secret World of Voyeurism: Are You Addicted?

The Secret World of Voyeurism: Are You Addicted?

Voyeurism addiction is a compulsive sexual behaviour of spying on non-suspecting persons who are privately engaged in intimate behaviours. These behaviours may include:

  • Watching people or couples partake in sexual activity without their knowledge or consent
  • Viewing videos and images online of people who do not know they are being watched
  • Up-skirting (viewing women’s bodies by placing a camera under their dress or skirt)
  • placing hidden cameras to record and spy on people
  • Watching people undress
  • Viewing webcam sites designed for viewing people without consent

While some people partake in voyeurism without allowing it to become an addiction, others may find themselves feeling compelled by this behaviour. It’s these compulsions, coupled with the behaviour having a negative effect on the voyeur or their loved ones that makes this a type of sexual addiction, rather than just a fetish or a kink.

Whilst some people have addictions to things such as alcohol and drugs, sexual addictions can manifest in the same way. What starts off as a relatively harmless preference, can quickly turn into a harmful addiction if left untreated. As with other illnesses and addictions, the only way they can be properly treated is if you are aware you have a problem.

To determine if you are a voyeurism addict, look at the amount of time you spend partaking in these activities. Are they affecting your work? Your social life? Your relationships and sex life? Sex addictions are usually determined by the amount of time you spend doing an activity, the negative affect it is having on your life and whether your you feel you can control your behaviour.

If you feel you may be a voyeur addict, visit our voyeurism page and take the quiz. To seek help, contact our friendly and understanding sex therapist Heide McConkey today.