The Top Five Reasons Why Individuals are Choosing Internet Sex

The Top Five Reasons Why Individuals are Choosing Internet Sex

1. Sexual Exploration

Many young people use internet sex as a way to explore their own sexuality. It gives them an avenue to express themselves without judgment and discover whether their fantasies and desires are ‘normal’. They can find comfort in chatting with other people who share the same or similar interests.

2. Anonymity

The online world allows us to withhold our identity from whomever we wish, which is probably one of the most appealing factors that draws people towards internet sex. It allows us to take on certain personas or characters in order to act out role-play fantasies without having to reveal our true selves.

3. Taboo’s

Internet sex is a common way in which people can explore their taboos without actually partaking in real life sex acts. An individual may have specific kinks or fetish’s that they would never feel comfortable doing in real life but online, they can chat with other likeminded people, free of judgment.

4. Infidelity

Those who are unfaithful in relationships usually begin the slippery slope to infidelity, online. It may start with simply viewing pornography, then escalate into chatting with and partaking in cybersex with other people. This is common with sex addicts who have trouble remaining monogamous in relationships and have the inability to control their urges.

5. Long Distance

Internet sex or ‘cybersex’ is a completely healthy ingredient in a long-distance relationship. It’s a great way for couples to stay sexually connected while they are physically apart and can even help strengthen a relationship by allowing partners to express themselves more easily online.

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