What Are the Main Treatments Used in Sex Addiction Counselling?

What Are the Main Treatments Used in Sex Addiction Counselling?

There are many different reasons people suffer from sex addiction, it varies from person to person but is often due to a combination of biological, genetic, social, and environmental factors.

Confidential sex therapy for sex addicts usually begins with a thorough assessment of your personal sexual addiction history to determine ongoing patterns and themes that arise in your relationships. This first step is important because it gives the therapist a starting point and paves the way for the type of treatment you will require. Everyone is different so the type of counselling you receive will be specific to your needs. Some people have issues with cravings, intrusive thoughts, preoccupations, moods, depression, anger, impulsions and a whole host of other symptoms which coincide with the sex addiction so the best way for your counsellor to tailor treatment is to determine your issues, then work through them with you.

While some people have no problem identifying issues relating to their sexual addiction, others suffer from denial and struggle to fully accept how their addiction is impacting their life in negative ways. For those people, their therapist will work on acceptance so that they can move forward with treatment and get the most out of each session.

Depending on the individual’s issues, a number of different treatments may be used in sex addiction counselling such as psychotherapy, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, disclosure therapy, sex therapy, relapse prevention and of course, ongoing support.

If you are thinking of seeking professional help for your sex addiction, congratulations! Accepting that you need help is the first and most important step towards recovery. Based in Sydney and Online, Sex Addiction Australia offers counselling and ongoing support for those suffering sex addiction as well as support for spouses and partners. Feel free to contact our friendly, understanding sex therapist  today.