What Impact Can Sex Addiction Have on Families?

What Impact Can Sex Addiction Have on Families?

It’s difficult enough for close friends and family of sex addicts to see their loved one spiral downhill, but it’s even worse when an addict has a partner and family of their own. The spouse and children are almost always affected by the behaviour of the addict, either directly or indirectly.


When a person becomes addicted to sex, they will often do whatever it takes to get their ‘fix’, regardless of cost or consequence. And because of these compulsions, the behaviour of a sex addict can be unpredictable, destructive and reckless.


It’s common for sex addicts to be unfaithful to their spouse or partner during their addiction, whether that be with prostitutes, strangers online or with someone they know, and in order to get away with their infidelity, the addict needs to lie their way around. Sex addicts can get so caught up on their own lies that they are almost living a ‘double life’ outside the marriage, neglecting their role as a spouse or parent.


Sex addiction can also impact on a family financially as well. The addict may be wasting large amounts of money on prostitutes, spending their savings on other partners outside the marriage or neglecting their job, resulting in a loss of income.


Because addicts are often emotionally checked out as well as physically unavailable, they are simply unable to fulfil their role within the family and the spouse and children of an addict are often left feeling unloved and neglected due to the addicts careless and selfish behaviour, causing a major breakdown of the family unit.

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