What to Do If Your Partner is In Denial About Their Sex Addiction

What to Do If Your Partner is In Denial About Their Sex Addiction

Is your partner displaying the signs and symptoms of sex addiction? It’s entirely possible your partner isn’t even aware they’re suffering from a sexual disorder, in which case, it may be helpful for them to take this short sex addiction test.

But what if your partner is in denial about their sex addiction and completely unwilling to admit they have a problem? It’s important to remember that sex addiction is a deeply personal disorder so it’s easy to understand why he/she may not want to talk about it. Sex addiction is also an individual disorder and the reasons it manifests are specific to each person.

Your partner may be in denial for many different reasons. Whether that’s because he/she is ashamed or embarrassed about their behavior or feel guilty about certain aspects of their sex addiction such as infidelity or promiscuity. It may even be because their sex addiction is a result of a painful event in their life which they are not yet willing to expose.

It’s important for your partner to know that they won’t be judged by you if they decide to be honest about their behavior. If they feel your reaction will be one of anger, disgust or any level of judgment, they may decide not to talk about it and this will be detrimental to their recovery.

Keep in mind it won’t be easy for your partner to admit they have a sexual disorder and if you push too hard, he/she may close off completely so remember, patience is key. Your empathy and understanding will go a long way towards helping your partner seek help.

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