Why Love Addicts Ultimately Destroy Their Own Relationships

Why Love Addicts Ultimately Destroy Their Own Relationships

Do you have a history on moving from one abusive relationship to another? Do you fall in love quickly and intensely? Do you become so attached to your partner you will give anything to make them stay; even if that means accepting abuse to keep the relationship? These are all signs of love addiction which puts you at risk of continuously destroying your relationships.

Falling in love is a beautiful and magical time in our lives. It’s a time in which our brains are flooded with neurochemicals that make us feel euphoric and happy. The ‘honeymoon’ period of a relationship eventually wears off and it’s at this stage that we begin to drop our guard and show our partner some of our less desirable traits.

A love addict may begin to see traits in their partner they don’t necessarily like. Whether it’s being controlling, manipulative or even physically and emotionally abusive, a love addict may turn a blind eye to this out of fear of being alone. Love addicts experience the lows of the relationship with a crushing sensitivity that leaves them feeling rejected, abandoned, alone and sometimes even suicidal.

Love addicts can be quite obsessive, clingy and needy and in relationships. They need constant validation and reassurance and may use sex as a tool to keep their partner happy, even if they have no desire for it.

This pattern often results in a long history of unfulfilling and unhappy relationships. Love addicts sometimes have a history of a dysfunctional childhood where their needs of love, care and attachments were not met by parents or carers. In order to work on your own love addiction issues, you should seek out the help of a professional who has knowledge and experience in love addiction.

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