Why Over Exposure to Pornography Can Become Addictive

Why Over Exposure to Pornography Can Become Addictive

Porn addiction is considered to be a behavioral addiction that is characterized by a growing compulsion to view pornographic content. Porn addiction, in many ways, is similarities to drug or alcohol addiction and can be equally as damaging to one’s life.

In a world where we have the internet at our fingertips and where we’re constantly exposed to a sexualized world through social media, music and television; addiction to pornography has risen significantly. Young adults are often given full access to the internet from a young age, sometimes unsupervised, which has seen porn addiction become more common.

Over exposure to pornography can be quite damaging to a young person’s brain. Not only does over exposure to porn give young people unrealistic and unattainable views of sexual relationships, it can have other damaging effects such as early sex (having sex at a young age), high risk sex and even violent sex.

When watching pornography, dopamine is released into the brain. This neurochemical release causes the viewer to feel a great sense of pleasure and excitement. It’s this same chemical release that causes addictions to drugs, alcohol and other substances. Dopamine causes you to feel good and it’s that feeling that becomes addictive. What we relate that feeling to is what we become addicted to which is why any type of addiction can occur gradually, without you even realizing it’s happening.

The issue with porn addiction is that getting the ‘fix’ it’s easy. A person can view porn anywhere, anytime and at anyplace. Often times porn is free and can be viewed on a smartphone so addiction to pornography can be difficult to break.

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