Why the ‘Honeymoon’ Phase of a Relationship Is So Consuming for Love Addicts

Why the ‘Honeymoon’ Phase of a Relationship Is So Consuming for Love Addicts

Healthy, long-lasting relationships take hard work and commitment from both partners to make it out of the ‘honeymoon period’ and into a real, sustainable relationship.

For most people this happens naturally, and while there may be some post ‘honeymoon’ blues, it’s a whole different experience for love addicts.

Love addiction, just like a drug or alcohol addiction, can be damaging and self-destructive, and can leave the addict feeling depressed and alone. Love addiction can manifest itself in many different ways including a constant craving and persistence for romantic relationships, feeling desperate and alone when not in a relationship, the constant need to please a partner (even at the expense of their own needs), mistaking sex for love, finding it difficult to leave unhealthy/abusive relationships for fear of being alone and more.

One of the most intense experiences for a love addict though, is during the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. This can be likened to a drug addict at the peak of their high, almost dizzy with euphoria.

During this period, love addicts feel a combination of happiness as well a desperation to do whatever they can to hold onto the relationship and that ‘new love’ feeling. This is what they strive for and what keeps them in the unhealthy cycle of love addiction.

Love addicts usually have difficulty moving past the honeymoon phase and into the real relationship stage, as the high of ‘new love’ wears off. Relationships then begin to deteriorate as the love addict feels detached, unhappy and lonely within the confines of the relationship and begins to yearn, once again, for those intense feelings of falling in love.

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