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The term frotteurism stems from the French language, and can be translated as ‘rub’, ‘one who rubs’, or ‘rubber’.

Frotteurism can be classified as;

  • Sexual Addiction
  • Paraphilia/Fetish


A legal difference exists between the terms ‘Frottage’, referring to a consensual sexual act between two or more participants, also known as ‘Dry Humping’, and Frotteurism, as a form of non-consensual sexual behaviour involving non-suspecting and non-consenting persons.

Individuals who have addicted to frotteurism commonly experience;

  • Significant highs, caused by fantasising, planning for, and acting out the behaviour.
  • Intense but very short term sexual and mental rewards derived from the behaviour.
  • Followed by significant distress caused by relentless intrusive and escalating sexual fantasies and urges, that may disrupt everyday functioning.


Frotteurism refers to a paraphilic sexual behaviour of rubbing one’s genitals, or other parts of one’s body, against non-consenting persons for personal and sexual gratification and reward.

  • A majority of frotteurs are male, with most of their victims being female.
  • A smaller number of frotteurs are female, rubbing against non-consensual males.
  • Same-sex frotteurism also occurs.
  • Adult-on-child frotteurism is considered child sexual abuse.


Places of acting out can be anywhere and most commonly include public locations and crowded places where rubbing and ‘bumping into people’ can easily be disguised as an accident, and where the victim is in a less likely position to take action.

Most often reported locations include

  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Dance Floors
  • Public Gatherings
  • Concerts
  • Busy Streets
  • Crowded Areas


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Frotteurism may offend against the law. Please consult our designated LEGAL page.