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Counselling for Gay Men In Sydney And Online By Renowned Sex Therapist, Sexual Addictions


Professional Gay Counselling for individuals and couples, who are affected by sexual addiction and/or other sexually related issues, is offered by Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) suiting the needs and circumstances of gay men and their relationships. Sex addiction therapist and relationships counsellor Heide McConkey has successfully helped the gay community with overcoming sexual addiction disorders and complex personal, relationship and family upheaval since 1998.


Sexual addiction is believed to be a brain disorder, where the brain has undergone biological change. Researchers warn that long term over-consumption of pornography and compulsive sex can lead to a certain loss of grey matter (brain cells), and to ‘faulty wiring’ in the limbic brain circuitry associated with motivation, reward, and pleasure.

There is no biological evidence that sex addicts have abnormal high sex drives. In-fact, successfully treated sex addicts are able to return to healthy sex lives and functioning relationships.

  • Sexual addiction cannot be defined by sexual orientation, frequency of sex, or type of sexual behaviour. Homosexuality is NOT related to addiction, but gay men can addict to sex.

Sex Addiction Australia’s purposefully designed treatment and relapse prevention plan can STOP sexual addiction in gay men, help and support their partners, and facilitate healthy sexual intimacy.


The narcissistic nature of sexual addiction tends to severely disrupt intimacy in gay couples. Untreated sexual addiction causes feelings in sex addicts of gradually losing control over reality in their lives. Some sex addicts will develop a sense of uniqueness and sexual grandeur over the men who fall for them. Commonly, untreated sex addicts experience ever increasing feelings of unmanageably of their emotions which is leading to even higher stress and anxiety levels, and to associated negative mood swings and sexual cravings. In some cases of sex addiction, such mood swings are evidenced in Sexually Related Rage Disorder (SARD). Untreated sex addicts may fall into depression and social isolation over time. Despite a sex addict’s full awareness of the potentially threatening outcomes their behaviour may be causing, he is unable to stop himself. Many sex addicts, inside or outside the gay community, can testify to multiple heartfelt attempts to stop their addictive behaviours on their own, and to relapsing just as many times. Diminished impulse control under arousal, pressure, stress, undelpful influences, spiritual disconnection, cognitive distortion, loneliness, and probably drug use (chem sex) all play a part in recurrent relapse.


Without intensive sex addiction therapy addictive patterns are likely to continue. Our specific counselling program for sexual addiction treatment in gay men, developed by ASAA, has proven to successfully stop sexual addiction in gay men, and to facilitate full recovery.


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