Lesbian Counselling

Counselling For Women And Same Sex Couples By Renowned Sex Therapist In Sydney And Online


Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia ASAA has proudly provided professional private practise counselling and sex therapy to the LGBTQIA community for more than 20 years, and particularly to women in same sex relationships solving strictly confidential personal issues, such as sexual desire and libido differences, sexual health and sexual behavioural issues, infidelity and sexual addiction disorders, and other complex relationship upheavals and family conflict, since 1998.

Women, often living in loving long-term same sex relationships, may report significant losses of sexual desire over time. They may experience relationship disharmony as a result. While such problems are quite common, the root causes may vary greatly. Loss of libido can be caused by general relationship familiarity, complacency in relationship, negative emotions, lack of motivation, lifestyle issues, stress, depression, grief, anxiety, overwhelm, medication, infirmity, aging, or boredom. If addiction is present, women in same sex partnerships may suffer the negative impacts of either their own, or their spouses, sexual compulsive disorder, including sexual avoidance disorder (SAD), love addiction or other female sexual addictions. A less known aspect of sexual addiction is known as sexual anorexia.

Sexual addictions are not gender specific, everyone can addict to sex. Sexual addictions are fully treatable disorders.


Sexual addiction can be defined as Progressive Intimacy Disorder, and typically displaying symptoms of escalating sexual compulsions with spiralling out of control behaviours over time. Being addicted to love, porn, love anorexia or sex, or loving a woman who is struggling with compulsive sexuality, can cause significant emotional injury to both partners, and, if left untreated, may dissolve their relationship.

ASAA offers a specialised, and purposefully designed, sex addiction treatment and relapse prevention plan for women in same sex relationships. Our treatment focuses equally on the needs of both partners; the sexually addicted spouse in their pursuit to stop their sexual compulsions for good, and their partner, who suffers the injuries of betrayal trauma that places them at risk to developing clinically significant stress symptoms and related to Sex Addiction Induced Trauma (SAI-T).

Most same sex couples report a strong desire to salvage their relationship, and to work through their marital discord together. Others may request mediation counselling to reach a friendly relationship termination agreement. Help is on hand here.


Early spouse support counselling is a critical intervention tool in treating Sex Addiction Induced Trauma (SAI-T) and post-traumatic stress responses in partners of sex addicts. Most importantly, early spouse support therapy can prevent depression, and hindering stagnation in personal recovery after life had been disrupted by marital betrayal trauma.


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