Love Addiction Test



Affirmotive's SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF LOVE ADDICTION is a FREE Online love addiction test, and is designed to assist you with determining if you could be addicted to love, or if you are at risk to developing love addiction.

If you answer YES to more than 50% of the selected 30 test questions, a strong possibility exists you are ADDICTED to love.

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NOTE: This test is CONFIDENTIAL. To make this test work you need to answer YES or NO to ALL of the 30 test questions and obtain results at the bottom of this page.

1. Is stepping back and falling in love over time, when in a new relationship, an option for you?
2. Do you fall in love easily and too quickly?
3. Is initial attraction enough for you to fall in love with a new person?
4. When in relationship, do you feel needy for your partner?
5. When you have fallen in love, is your new relationship taking over your emotions and thoughts to a point of losing interest in your normal activities?
6. Do you find it difficult to fulfil your normal daily duties, or to make good decisions, when you have fallen in love?
7. Do you feel a sense of powerlessness, spell-bound, or trance when you are in love?
8. Do you feel overwhelmed with aloneness and neediness for a partner when you are single, to a degree of settling for a relationship below your standards and values?
9. Do you have a tendency to give and give, to love too much, and to smother your partner?
10. Are you too trustworthy in relationship, even if you know your partner is not deserving it?
11. Do you ignore warning bells when you are in love?
12. Do you have a history of attaching yourself to partners who are unable to make a commitment to you, and you spending your energy trying to change them?
13. Do you feel grief and despair to the point of believing that your ‘life is over’ when your relationships ends?
14. Do you have a tendency to pursuing or stalking an ex-partner, or to retaliate anger against a partner leaving you?
15. Do you spend much time fantasising about a perfect person you can love?
16. Do you chase somebody you fancy, even if this person is in a relationship with somebody else?
17. Do you have a tendency to take more than your equal share of responsibility, to ensure the survival of your relationship?
18. Do you feel incomplete when you are not in a relationship, and have a tendency to choose an unsuitable partner to avoid being alone?
19. You find it difficult or impossible to say NO to a partner who threatens to leave if you do not comply with their physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual demands?
20. Do you put your relationship first to a degree of neglecting self-care, children, work, family, and friends?
21. Do you feel overwhelmed with loneliness when you are not in love or relationship?
22. Are love and relationship your greatest needs, with everything else appearing insignificant by comparison?
23. Has your need for romantic love lead you to engaging in several erotic relationships simultaneously, even if you, had to be dishonest, and living a double life?
24. Do have a tendency to trying almost anything to please your partner, even to the cost of denying your own needs and values?
25. Do you avoid relationship conflict at all cost because you feel terrified of abandonment?
26. Are you experiencing difficulty with letting go of people who have rejected you, with you wanting to desperately change their minds?
27. Do you engage in sexual acts that are alien or unpleasant to you, for the benefit of pleasing and keeping a partner?
28. Do you engage in sex with a partner who is threatening to leave, because you believe you can control the partner with you giving sex?
29. Do you want to say NO to sex at times, but you feel powerless to do so?
30. Do you feel unattractive and believe that sex is your only way to attract a partner, even if you feel low sexual desire?