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Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) uses our specifically developed treatment model for marriage counselling after sex addiction and marital infidelity.

This model addresses the needs of both partners, while providing expert support counselling for the spouse and intensive sex addiction recovery therapy for the addicted partner.

We guarantee non-judgemental, exclusively private, discrete, and confidential sessions.

Sexual addiction is the most intrusive of all addictions. It can affect men and women, and it is powerful to cutting deep into the foundations of our social values, on which marriages are built. Help is at hand if you find yourself having marriage problems because your husband is addicted to porn or sex, or if you are concerned about aspects of your own sexuality, or of any sexual health and safety issues.


  • Wives of sex addicts commonly experience acute shock, numbness, extreme anger, disbelief and distress when they discover their husband's sexual betrayal.
  • Spouses of sex addicts may experience SAI-T, or PTSD. Symptoms may include flash-backs, nightmares, anxiety, depression, extreme agitation, sleep disturbance, emotional constriction, hyper vigilance, compulsive control needs, avoidance behaviours, loss of identity, low self-esteem, and physical ailments.
  • Our spouse support counselling program was developed as a critical intervention tool for the treatment and prevention of sex-addiction-induced trauma (SAI-T) and stagnation of personal, and marriage recovery.


  • For the sex addict - Intensive sex addiction therapy, personal history & trauma recovery, disclosure therapy, short-term and long-term relapse prevention, developing boundaries to healthy sexuality.
  • For the spouse - Sensitive professional support, coping strategies, relationship assessment, emotion and trust counselling, sex-addiction-induced-trauma (SAI-T) counselling, post-traumatic stress response therapy, self-esteem issues, anxiety and/or depression counselling, anger and conflict management, and boundaries to healthy intimacy.
  • For the marriage - Specialised marriage counselling after sex addiction, recovery of lost trust, conflict resolution, communication skills, sex therapy, and rebuilding accountability and commitment in all aspects of married life.


If you are a spouse of a sex addict you may find trusting your partner has become difficult. You may have developed checking, controlling, or avoidance behaviours that are not only stressful, but alien to your nature. Rebuilding broken trust will take work and time, and can be achieved with combining thorough professional sex addiction treatment with skilled marriage counselling.

A 70% majority of marriages, who are devastated by sexual addiction, initially say they want to salvage their relationship. At ASAA almost 100% of committed couples achieve their goal.


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