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Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling After Sex Addiction By Renowned Sex Therapist In Sydney & Australia-Wide Online

Sex addiction is the most hidden, and the most intrusive of all addictions. Sex addiction is a disorder of ‘faulty wiring’ in the limbic brain circuitry associated with motivation and reward. Sex addiction does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, male and female, even the most devoted of couples and the best of marriages. Sexual addictions are powerful to gravely harm marriages, and to cutting deep into our social and spiritual values, on which marriages are built.

Sex addiction breaks essential marital boundaries of trust, spirituality, commitment and consent, and it jeopardizes validity in a marital future. For those couples, who want to salvage their marriage, the greatest challenge lies in rebuilding trust. Our marriage counselling at Sex Addiction Australia is specifically designed to enable married couples to heal an addictive past, and to build a future together after betrayal.

Our counselling addresses the needs of both partners by equal listening. Our experienced marriage therapists offer professional trauma and support counselling to spouses of sex addicts, who want to heal the traumatic effects of betrayal. Sex addicts benefit form our 20 years of professional experience in overcoming, and permanently stopping, their toxic cycle of sex addiction with our intensive clinical sex addiction therapy and professional counselling. A majority of sex addicts, who are fully committed to their cause, can testify to achieving their goals with Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia, ASAA.

Our counselling sessions are conducted in a caring professional, non-judgemental, exclusively private, and strictly confidential manner. Couples can choose to attend their sessions together, or individually. Sessions are offered face to face in our Sydney rooms, via face to face Skype appointments, or as telephone counselling sessions, including facetime appointments, anywhere in Australia, or living overseas.


  • Spouses of sex addicts commonly experience acute shock, numbness, helplessness, extreme anger, disbelief, and severe distress upon discovery of their partners sexual betrayal.
  • Spouses of sex addicts frequently report Sex Addiction Induced Trauma symptoms (SAI-T). Symptoms may include flashbacks of betrayal events, nightmares, extreme mood swings, extreme anger, shame, disgust, unattractiveness, sleep disturbance, difficulty with food and appetite regulation and weight control, concentration difficulties, memory lapses, emotional constriction, hypervigilance, checking and control needs, avoidance behaviours, loss of identity, depression, anxiety, hair loss, low self-esteem, loss of energy, and an array of physical ailments.


Effective treatments for sex addicts include

  • Intensive professional sex addiction counselling.
  • Relational and sexual development history.
  • Trauma counselling.
  • Disclosure therapy.
  • Long-term relapse prevention and termination of sexual addiction.
  • Clinical Sex therapy.
  • Developing realistic sexuality and marriage boundaries.
  • Referral to medical treatments if necessary.

Therapy for spouses of sex addicts includes

  • Professional trauma and support counselling.
  • Addressing personal needs for day to day coping strategies after betrayal.
  • Giving/denying permission to disclosure.
  • Preparing for emotional impact of disclosure.
  • Relationship future and marriage assessment.
  • Emotion and trust counselling.
  • Sex-addiction-induced-trauma (SAI-T) counselling, betrayal trauma.
  • Post-traumatic stress response therapy.
  • Self-esteem and identity counselling.
  • Anxiety and depression counselling.
  • Anger and conflict management.
  • Setting personal boundaries.
  • Referral to medical treatments, if applicable.

Marriage counselling includes

  • Specific marriage counselling after sex addiction and betrayal.
  • Dealing with broken trust and emotional pain.
  • Assessing both partners ability to move forward.
  • Clinical Sex therapy.
  • Setting realistic boundaries to mutual sexual and emotional expectations in the marriage.
  • Acceptance, accountability, and commitment therapy for all aspects of married life.


Spouses find trusting their sexually addicted partners almost impossible. They may develop checking, controlling, or avoidance behaviours that are not only stressful, but alien to their nature. Rebuilding broken trust will take professional work and time. Sex Addiction Australia focuses firmly on trust recovery as a key element in rebuilding marriages, damaged by infidelity.

A 70% majority of marriages, who are devastated by sexual addiction, initially say they want to salvage their relationship. At ASAA a majority of these committed couples achieve their goal.


Your friendly marriage counsellor is available in Sydney and online. Please contact Heide for further information, or book a confidential appointment Anytime Online or Call Heide Today (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email