Mission Statement


Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) was established to accurately inform Australians on the nature of sexual addiction disorder, on sexuality, gender, and sexual health issues, and to providing appropriate treatment and support to sex addicts and their partners and families who are impacted by emotional and psychological consequences of sex addiction.

Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA) emphasises sexuality as an integral and central part of human life and supports the World Health Organisation’s definition of Sexual Health;

‘Sexual Health is the ongoing process of physical, psychological, and socio-cultural well-being related to sexuality. Sexual Health is evidenced in the free and responsible expressions of sexual capabilities that foster personal and social wellness, and enriching individual and social life. Sexual Health is not merely the absence of dysfunction, disease, or infirmity. For Sexual Health to be attained and maintained it is necessary that sexual rights for all people are recognised and upheld’.


  • In order to provide best services to our valued clients we are committed to continuously updating our standard of knowledge by keeping abreast with research and ongoing professional education.
  • ASAA welcomes industry regulations and supports all people with equal respect disregarding of gender, sexual diversity, individual backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity.

Heide McConkey, M.A.I.P.C, M.A.C.A, ASSERT NSW

Founder and Director of Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia (ASAA)