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Online Counselling

Your Online Sex Addiction Treatment Expert Australia And Sydney

Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia or ASAA has over 20 years of professional expertise in specialised professional counselling for sex addicts, their partners, and their families. We understand that many people are unable to make it in to a face to face session, or may feel uncomfortable coming in, which is why we have developed an online service that delivers the same therapeutic benefits and recovery outcomes. Our online counselling is respectful and confidential, research based, result focused, and time and money saving. We work through time zones with late evening appointments to suit our online clients in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. All people over 18 years of age, all cultures, all gender, and all sexual orientations, are welcome.


  • Our online sex/porn/love addiction therapy and counselling services are based in Sydney, Australia, and offer therapies and solutions for all types of sexual addiction disorders, and relationship issues.
  • The Internet has made it easier to do everything at distance, from studying to working. Providing sex addiction counselling is no different. Counselling is about providing a human connection, it is about giving advice, guidance, healing from sexual addictions, healing ruptured relationships, providing partner and spouse support, understanding and motivation. All of this can be done online just as effective as in person, and in some cases working online can be better.
  • There are a number of ways that our online counselling can be done, we can use Skype for either video and voice communication, or voice and facetime telephone counselling.


We are one of the leading sex therapy practices in the country. We provide specialised online sex/porn/love addiction therapy and professional counselling for complex sexual and emotional relationship issues for over 20 years.

We can help you gain control of your life no matter where you are, our online counselling services in Australia and internationally will ensure that you are able to live your life free from the hold of sexual addiction.

Please call our Sydney office today at (+61) 02 9380 4486 for further obligation free information or booking an online confidential appointment for sex addiction therapy in Sydney online. You can also email at