Paid Sex Addicts

Confidential Private Practice Counselling For Paid Sex Addiction In Sydney & Online

Paying for sex promotes in sex addicts powerful neurotransmitter releases in their meso limbic brain circuitry associated with basic emotions such as pleasure, sex, moods, reward, motivation, and dominance, and is believed to form a biological basis for sexual addiction. Paid sex addiction is not gender specific, although it presents as a predominant male issue. Women too are reported to use the services of escorts and sex workers, and some sex workers may be sexual addicts themselves.

Please note* not all users or providers of paid sex services are sex addicts. Addiction to prostitution sex can be assumed where paying for sex has taken over other essential areas of a person’s sexuality and personal life, and where a person cannot stop such behaviour even if they sincerely desire to do so. Hypersexual disorder, or sex addiction, including paying for sex addiction, is a brain disorder of ‘faulty wiring’ requiring professional treatment to achieve full recovery.

Prostitution sex addicts report extraordinary high sexual arousals and severe sexual cravings, including surges of empowerment, when thinking of, or preparing for, their sex appointments. They may spend inordinate amounts of time vividly and explicitly fantasising about sex with a sex worker or client, binge their sex appointments, and may experience crippling disappointments, regrets, emptiness and negative mood swings after the act.


  • Addicts to prostitution sex are at risk of social embarrassment, and losing relationships, family, work, money and status.
  • Addicts to prostitution sex may have developed, or are at risk of, emotional and intimacy detachment.
  • Financial spending on sex services can be substantial. Some sex addicts may suffer consequences of financial hardship.
  • Sex users and sex workers are at increased risk of STI infections and spreading  sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In some states and countries, where prostitution is illegal, sex addicts and workers risk police arrest and legal prosecution.
  • Employing underage sex workers, or having sex with underage sex workers risks legal prosecution in all states of Australia, and in most countries around the world.


Prostitution sex addiction is a fully treatable disorder. Achieving full recovery is possible with our professional sex addiction treatment plan. Sex Addiction Australia in Sydney and online offers private confidential and discreet professional counselling to sex addicts, and to their spouses who are suffering devastating impacts of betrayal trauma. For further information or booking a confidential appointment directly please call Heide in Sydney Today, or Book Online Anytime. Call Heide Today (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email