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Pubic Lice Crabs

The crab louse or pubic louse is an insect living mostly in pubic hair. It is spread from one human to another by close physical contact and mostly in sexual intercourse. Crab louse is therefore treated as a sexually transmitted infection, STI.

Transmission to children occurs more typically by sharing towels, cloths, and bed sheets. Infection with crab louse in children or teenagers is no indication of sexual abuse, however sexual abuse should be considered.

The crab louse lives predominately in pubic hair, but can be found in other areas with hair. Crab louse feeds exclusively on human blood, and depends on the temperature of the human body. Humans are the only known host to this parasite.


Current worldwide prevalence is estimated 2%, although the true numbers of infections are difficult to obtain due to a lack of appropriate reporting conditions in many countries.


Pubic louse infection is a medical condition and can be cured. All sexual contact should be stopped for the duration of 30 days of treatment to avoid new and re-infection.

If you have infected with crab louse, you may consider testing for other STI’s.


Sex Addiction Australia offer sexual health counselling to individuals and couples who live with crab louse infection. Make a confidential appointment with Heide during EST office hours (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email