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Relationship Counselling

Partner Support Counselling For Relationship & Sex Addiction Therapy: Sydney & Online

When sex addiction has disrupted your relationship, a need for specialised relationship sex therapy emerges as a crucial resource for achieving clarity in deciding on your next steps and possible future for your relationship.

If you are a spouse or partner of a sex or pornography addict, it is important you understand that you are NOT the cause, and that you have not contributed in any way to the development of your partner’s sexual addiction.


Sex addiction typically causes strong and conflicting emotions in both partners, and if left untreated, may lead to long term emotional harm or preventable dissolution of a relationship.

  • Shame, disconnection, intimacy difficulties, feelings of being a failure, and fear of abandonment are commonly experienced by the sex addict.
  • Disbelief, shock, numbness, despair, acute feelings of humiliation, rejection, disgust, betrayal, anger and serious mistrust are experienced by most partners and spouses of sex addicts.


Such devastating and life-changing impact on couples does not disappear by itself, and typically requires intervention in the form of relationship sex therapy

  • Intensive sex and relationship addiction counselling and relapse prevention therapy for the addict.
  • Professional sex addiction sensitive relationship counselling for the couple.
  • Caring support and sex-addiction-induced-trauma (SAI-T) counselling for the spouse.
  • Despite such strong reactions, over 70% of relationships and marriages initially state a desire for staying together and to working through their upheaval together. Specialised sex addiction therapy and sex addiction sensitive relationship counselling, offered by our experienced counsellors, can make a difference and facilitate successful relationship healing.


At Sex Addiction Australia, we focus on maximum efficiency and faster results for achieving your goals of relationship addiction treatment whilst saving time and money. Our private and strictly confidential relationship sex therapy sessions are conducted in an interactive, non-judgemental and respectful manner when solving complex, deep-rooted and sensitive sexual and relational problems. Couples are invited to give critical feedback, and complete selected homework tasks, given at the end of their sessions.

Because relationship sex addiction presents in many different forms and is influenced by a variety of genetic, biological, and environmental factors, our approach to relationship counselling is holistically tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances.


Many couples report they achieve best results with relationship sex therapy and attending all sessions together. Others decide to start off with individual counselling. Some couples change their preference to alternating couples sessions with individual appointments for best outcomes.

Sex Addiction Australia’s relationship counselling includes a full disclosure therapy program, and coming to terms with emotional and sexual betrayal. Couples will learn to protect their values and set firm boundaries, resolving conflict, and communicating fearlessly and assertively. Our relationship  sex therapy sessions will focus on rebuilding lost intimacy, and how to create a new and mutually enjoyable healthy sex life.

Relationship sex therapy at Sex Addiction Australia is a process of growth, change, and relationship enrichment. Many testimonials confirm that those couples who have decided to give their relationship a second chance have been able to create a new, and much stronger bond and more fulfilling intimacy than they have previously experienced. Their new devotion to one another is marked by acknowledging and respecting their own, and their partner’s, needs and values. Putting them into practise includes vulnerability, loyalty, honesty, openness, partnering, forgiveness, assertiveness, love, self-care, self-esteem, and accountability. It’s a lot, and it’s possible.


Please contact our office for further information during AEST office hours, or book a confidential relationship addiction treatment and counselling appointment with Heide. Call (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email