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Professional Same Sex Counselling is provided by Sex Addiction Australia. We offer sex addiction treatments and sex and relationship therapy to lesbian individuals and couples. We provide clinical solutions for complex relationship upheaval and family conflict since 1998.

Many women in long-term same sex relationships report significant losses of sexual desire. For many, relationship disharmony has its roots in treatable libido disorders, but others suffer the negative impacts of sexual compulsions, including sexual avoidance disorder (SAD), love addiction, and other female sexual addictions. A less known aspect of sexual addiction is known as Sexual Anorexia.


Untreated sexual addiction has a tendency to escalate behaviours, and to spiral out of control over time, eroding trust and intimacy in relationship. Being addicted to sex, or loving a woman who is struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour, can cause significant emotional injury to both partners, and, in left untreated, may end their relationship.

Sex Addiction Australia offers a specialised and purposefully designed sex addiction treatment and relapse prevention plan for women in same sex relationships, who have addicted to sex or love. We equally focus on the specific needs of their spouses, who are impacted by their partners' sexual compulsive behaviours, and who are at risk to developing clinically significant stress symptoms, related to Sex Addiction Induced Trauma (SAI-T).

Most same sex couples report strong desire to salvage their relationship, and work through their marital discord together. Others may request mediation counselling to reach a friendly termination agreement.


Successful relationship recovery after sex addiction cannot be fully achieved without addressing the partner's needs, sexuality, and wishes. Early spouse support counselling is a critical intervention tool in treating Sex Addiction Induced Trauma (SAI-T) and post-traumatic stress responses. Most importantly, early spouse support therapy can prevent stagnation in personal and relationship recovery, and can assist in preventing Complex Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), caused by sexual addiction.


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