Sex Addiction Test



Affirmotive's SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF SEXUAL ADDICTION is a FREE ONLINE screening test and can assist you with determining the signs of sex addiction and if you could be addicted to sex or if you are at risk to developing a sexual addiction.

If you answer YES to more than 50% of the selected 42 test questions, a strong possibility exists you are ADDICTED to sex, or technically a sex addict. So check the signs of sex addiction using the test below, right away!

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NOTE: This test is CONFIDENTIAL. To make this test work you need to answer YES or NO to ALL of the 42 test questions and obtain results at the bottom of this page.

1. Do you feel that your sexual behaviours may be abnormal?
2. Do you have a pattern of out-of-control sexual or non-sexual behaviours?
3. Do you remember if something sexually abnormal may have happened when you were a child, including:

  • Were you interfered with, sexually or otherwise?

  • Have you experienced physical or emotional abuse?

  • Did you grow up in an emotional rigid family?

  • Are members of your family of origin addicted to anything?

  • Does a member (or members) of your family of origin suffer depression, mood disorders, or mental illness?

  • Did you overhear sexually related comments or suggestions made by others, when you were a child?

  • Did your parents have trouble with their own sexual behaviours?

  • Did you witness the performance of sexual acts as a child?

  • Did you come in contact with pornographic material when you were under-age?

4. Do you live a double life and feel a need to keep secrets from your partner about your sexual behaviour?
5. Are your sex needs leading you to having sex with people, or in places, you would not otherwise choose?
6. Do you find yourself drawn like a magnet to screening for sexually arousing objects, materials, magazines, pornography, erotic text, sex-scenes, etc?
7. Do you have difficulty concentrating on tasks because your thoughts are shifting to sexual fantasy?
8. Do you rely on sex as a means to reduce stress, anxiety, or boredom?
9. Do you fear to be asexual? Do you avoid sexual relationships, sexual thought, sexual touch, including touching your own body?
10. Do you feel repulsed by the thought of sex, or the thought of sexual body parts and fluids?
11. Do you feel remorse, guilt, or shame after your sexual activities?
12. Do you refrain from all sex for a lengthy period of time after acting out your sexual behaviours?
13. Do you find your new relationships developing the same destructive patterns that have destroyed your previous relationships?
14. Are you maintaining multiple sexually romantic relationships at the same time?
15. Have you developed a difficult to break habit of using sex workers or escorts to satisfy sexual cravings?
16. Do your sexual acting out behaviours create negative consequences for yourself or others, current or past?
17. Have you seriously, but unsuccessfully, tried to cut down or stop your out-of-control sexual behaviours?
18. Do you have the tendency to pursue high-risk sexual activities, including unprotected sex, as well as high-risk non-sexual activities?
19. Do you use sex, or sexual fantasy, as your primary coping strategy in dealing with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, abandonment, depression, rejection, anger, criticism, and boredom?
20. Do you need to increase, or change, your sexual activities because you are disappointed or bored with your current level of satisfaction?
21. Do you experience mood shifts when planning for, or acting out, your sexual activities?
22. Do you feel depressed after acting out your sexual behaviours?
23. Do you feel degraded by your sexual behaviours?
24. Do feel controlled by your sexual desires?
25. Has sex taking over a central part of your thinking?
26. Is sex the centrepiece in your life?
27. Do you spend inordinate amounts of time in preparing for sex, being sexual, and recovering from your sexual activities?
28. Do you spend inordinate amounts of time on Internet sex, in sex chat-rooms, and watching pornography?
29. Do you spend significant amounts of time in strip clubs, adult shops, or watching sex movies?
30. Do you visit saunas, bars, hotels, pubs and dance floors for sexual opportunities?
31. Do you purposefully select your friends to create opportunities for engaging in sexual behaviours or sex talk?
32. Has Internet pornography created significant distress in your life?
33. Do you use repeatedly phone-sex services?
34. Have you developed a habit of cruising public toilets, parks, and other public areas for the purpose of having sex with strangers?
35. Are you secretly observing non-suspecting persons to enhance your own sexual arousal?
36. Do you believe that your ability for romantic love or sexual intimacy with your partner has suffered as a consequence of your sexual behaviours?
37. Do you have difficulty in meeting your marital and parental responsibilities, or your occupational and social expectations, due to your sexual behaviours?
38. Do you neglect self-care by prioritising your sexual activities over your own needs for health, recreation, safety, food, or sleep?
39. Have you ever been in financial difficulties because you are spending significant amounts of your money on sex?
40. Do you experience financial, occupational, or social setbacks as a consequence of your sexual obsessions and behaviours?
41. Do you resort to anger or verbal or physical violence if your sexual demands are not being met, or if you are not able to engage in your sexual behaviours? (Relating to SRD, Sexual Rage Disorder).
42. Are you at risk to offend, or have you offended against the law to feed your sexual urges?