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Affair can be defined as a breach of a marital agreement, with at least one partner withholding permission to a spouse’s intimate engagement with another lover. Some marital contracts include consent agreements to intimate third party relationships, and therefore are not an affair. 


Sex affair addiction, or multiple partner addiction is a form of sexual compulsion, where one is repeatedly and compulsively involved in several erotic relationships simultaneously. Sex affair addiction can affect anyone, disregarding of social status, marital attachment, or gender. A sexual affair addict depends on intoxicating feelings of euphoria and infatuation, derived from chasing and attracting new partners, usually without any intention for attachment, or relationship.

Sex affair addicts become infatuated with fantasies of potential new sexual partners. This behaviour may include walking the streets, spending time in shopping centres, sports grounds, parks, bars, restaurants, hotels, Internet chat rooms, or any place where picking up a new person may have success.


A sex affair addict’s priority is not sexual pleasure, but to prove they can groom new partners for sex when they want to, as a token of their power, influence, attractiveness, and to be admired and ‘loved’.

A sex addict ‘on the chase’ may experience similar symptoms as common in drug addiction, while not achieving satisfaction, and therefore being in constant need of escalating their acting out behaviours.


Symptoms include

  • Quickened pulse,
  • Sweaty palms,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Euphoria
  • Infatuation
  • Anxiety


Grooming may take considerable efforts, and may cause periods of dissatisfaction, only to contribute to a need of increasing the addictive acting out behaviour. A sex affair addict may invest inordinate amounts of time, energy, and money into impressing his or her object of desire, while the sexual act is marking a final, but less satisfactory, part than the chase itself.

Multiple partner addiction is a controversial and empty life-style experience. Although the addict tends to participate in many erotic relationships simultaneously, he or she lives an isolated and unsatisfying emotional life, with occasional spouts of euphoria, considerable stress, and feelings of depression, loneliness, failure and shame.


If multiple partner addiction is destroying your relationship, or causing distress in your personal or professional life, please contact Sex Addiction Australia for information or booking a confidential consultation. Call (+61) 02 9380 4486 or email info@sexaddictionaustralia.com.au