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I have found an opportunity to write to say thank you for the work that we did together which continues to have a beneficial effect on me. Since having those sessions with you I have been much more peaceful around my sexuality and also have been fostering healthier relationships. You introduced me to seeing what I needed to see and I am very appreciative of that.

M.W., Client

Do you get up every morning fearing what the day is going to bring you? Are you suffering from any kind of addiction? Or maybe your relationship is falling apart? Whatever problem you might be facing right now, Heide is able to show you the solution. Provided you take the first step and you are committed, your negative world surrounded by thundery clouds will soon brighten up. Heide thank you so much for everything! For me you are not just an adviser but also a good friend.

Best wishes, Pablo

Heide McConkey is known to me and has worked with me at Impotence Australia since 2001. Heide’s skills in assessment and providing treatments for sexual dysfunction are remarkable. Heide’s current work with applying Voice Dialogue and sex therapy is exciting and I am confident that this method will add a new dynamic to the field of sexology. Heide McConkey has provided a high standard of supervision to sexologist at Impotence Australia.

Brett McCann, CEO Impotence Australia