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Most contemporary people, individuals and couples, watch porn on occasions; they may see porn as an extension to their sexuality and may want to learn new aspects of sex and sexual practise. Others may use porn to spice up their sex lives, while some are using porn as a masturbation aid. There is an ever increasing trend expressing serious concern in regards to pornography encouraging sexual aggression and violence, while others argue that pornography has indeed lowered the sex crime rate. The porn debate is loaded and ongoing....

Pornography addiction can be assumed when porn has become a centrepiece and is taking over other areas of one's life, without the person being able to stop the behaviour despite negative consequences.


If you think you are addicted to pornography, you may want to read this; Cambridge University, UK, has released a recent study on porn addiction and the brain, led by Dr. Valerie Voon, and confirmed sexual addiction as an identifiable and diagnosable disorder of the brain. Three identified regions of the brain are affected in very similar ways in individuals with porn addiction, as studied in drug addicts. Please read further  information and research.


How to Quit Porn? Sex Addiction Australia can help. Our highly trained professional counsellors and clinical sex therapists have many years of experience in successfully treating porn addiction, and in providing lasting relapse prevention. Our porn addiction therapy and counselling sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable while discussing sensitive personal sexual topics. We take an individual and person tailored approach to treatment to suit our clients' needs. Contact Sex Addiction Australia to learn how to quit porn for good and improve your life and relationships.


Porn addiction develops over time. Watching porn might start out as a harmless sexual curiosity and fun behaviour, and can develop into an unforeseen harmful sexual addiction. A United States study estimates that 56% of men and 41% of women consume pornography on a monthly basis. About 8%-10% of the adult population is now estimated to be addicted to compulsive sex and pornography. However, a majority of pornography consumers do not addict.


Researchers explain that the brain is capable of sexual plasticity, and acquiring new tastes and sexual desires. The overwhelming volume, and easy access to soft and hard core Internet pornography carries an inherit danger to 'trick' the brain into needing more and craving more porn, even if the viewer does not really like it. Unfortunately, even children are increasingly reported to accessing adult Internet pornography. Premature sexualisation in under-aged teens, or even younger children is raising alarming concerns in regards to long term outcomes of their sexual and social development.


Men of any age and background can be addicted to porn. Pornography is believed to be three times more addictive in men, as compared to women. Men are more prone to addict to pornography due to their predominantly visually orientated male sexual arousal system of the brain.

Women are not immune. Porn addiction is commonly seen as a male problem. However, the number of women addicting to pornography is increasing, in actual facts. This increase of female pornography addiction may be a result of a variety of factors including; initially using porn for a laugh and giving pornography a socially acceptable status, the easy access to pornography, and turning up the frequency of watching, as well as the anonymity and permission giving environment of the Internet.


Pornography addicts have developed a dependency on quick and intense brain rewards from watching porn. Common signs of porn addiction include a development of increased tolerance to porn, and desensitisation over time; e.g. watching more pornography and deriving less satisfaction, and needing to increase the frequency and intensity of their pornography consumption to achieve the desired level of satisfaction.


  • Constantly returning cravings and compulsive sexual thoughts
  • Loss of control, failure to permanently stop the behaviour, despite serious attempts to do so
  • Anxiety and mood swings before and after acting out porn
  • Regrets and shame after acting out porn
  • Lengthily recovery periods after acting out porn/masturbation
  • Self-justification, low self-esteem, anger
  • Interrupted sleep patterns, concentration difficulties, general physical malaise
  • Developing increasing difficulty with intimacy, desire, and affection in a relationship. Researches warn that some men will develop pornography induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). (Research 2014 Max Plank Institute, Germany).


Individuals, who have addicted to pornography and sex, are believed to have undergone brain changes. On August 15 th 2011, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has publicly issued a statement that ‘addiction is a primary chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuity'.

This statement expresses a clear change from previous concepts of classifying addictive behaviour as choice behaviour, which has contributed to stigmatisation, rather than offering much needed rehabilitation. The ASAM research study highlights addiction as a disorder of the brain requiring clinical treatment to achieve full recovery.


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