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Voyeurism is a term originating from the French language ’voyeur’, and can be translated as ‘one who looks’. The modern English language prefers the term “Peeping Tom’, deriving from the Lady Godiva legend, and mostly refers to male voyeurs.


Voyeurism addiction is a compulsive sexual behaviour of spying on non-suspecting persons who are privately engaged in intimate behaviours, such as undressing, or in a sexual act. The principal characteristics of voyeurism are, that the voyeur achieves a heightened sense of excitement and sexual arousal from their behaviour, and the voyeur does not directly relate to the person they are spying.

Voyeurism can be classified as;

  • Sexual Addiction
  • Paraphilia/Fetish

Persons who have addicted to voyeurism may also display significant difficulties in areas of emotional and sexual intimacy, sexual dysfunction, and personal and social relating.


  • Voyeurism may include sexual behaviours between consenting participants in sexual role-play, with the aim of achieving increased sexual arousal by either party.
  • Typically, voyeurism is a sexual compulsive and self-arousing behaviour, acted out against non-suspecting, and non-consenting individuals.
  • Acting out strategies may include spying on the person of interest from a distance; through peeping holes, keyholes, using two-way mirrors, or telephoto lenses.
  • Modern techniques include the use of hidden cameras, secret photography, and, in rare cases, professional spy-cameras.
  • Secret photography may involve a normal camera, with the photographer remaining concealed, or the camera itself is disguised.
  • The voyeur sex addict derives boasts of infatuation and arousal though planning and preparing for their acting-out steps, and this is a significant part of the addiction.


If voyeurism is causing distress in your personal and relationship life, please contact Sex Addiction Australia for information, or for booking a confidential consultation. Sex addiction is a treatable disorder.

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