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Masturbation Addiction

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Addiction to masturbation is a disorder of an otherwise healthy sexual behaviour, and is driven by inappropriate sexual fantasy and misguided sexual arousal, and by a loss over control to stop.

Masturbation, in its healthy form, plays an essential role in retaining good sexual functioning and a state of sound mental health throughout life.


Masturbation addiction disorder is a compulsive state of frequent or prolonged masturbation, and may, but not exclusively, be triggered by a variety of masturbation aids such as pornography, erotica, telephone sex, Internet sex, and online chat-room use. Mood shifts before and after the act, regrets, and lengthily periods of recovery time after acting out masturbation episodes are common.

Addiction to masturbation has a potential to severely interfere with relationship and intimacy, with sexual competency and self esteem, with quality of life, socialising and friendships, and tends to impact negatively on the addict's daily routines.

Some addicts may experience significant losses of time, physical exhaustion, depression and irritability, and they may experience difficulty with concentration due to too much masturbation.


Masturbation Addiction can include out of control sexual arousal at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places. In some cases, sex addicts may struggle with postponing their sexual urges altogether and may act out masturbation where ever they are, risking police arrest and legal prosecution.


Auto erotica is a sexual state of self-arousal and euphoria. Auto erotica can extend into a form of sexual addiction, involving compulsive masturbation. Self-eroticism is practised alone with a purpose of achieving a heightened sense of a sexual experience. Acting out auto-erotic behaviours may include the use of selected sex aids and sex acts.

*Addiction to masturbation or repeated infliction of pleasure enhancing pain to the genitals may lead to permanent nerve damage and diminished ability to normal genital stimulation.


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